Jump Start for Emerging Leaders

As you focus on 2018 and you begin to set goals for the New Year, you may be contemplating cost-effective ways to:

  • Increase employee satisfaction, engagement, productivity and retention
  • Support your leadership pipeline and emerging talent pool when you have limited resources
  • Provide personalized leadership development for those in pivotal roles

If tackling these challenges is on your 2018 To Do list, the Jump Start Coaching Assessment may be perfect for you and your high potential talent on the verge of success, including:

  • Emerging leaders beginning new roles
  • Recently promoted rising stars
  • Leaders starting in new business units
  • Key mid-level managers

If you're looking for something in between a high-potential leader program and leadership development training using trusted outside resources, our program can fill that gap; here's what one of your peers said:

"All five coachees and their managers felt the Jump Start program was very valuable. They had an opportunity to get the feedback they wanted and needed for "what's next" in their career. The completion of their personal development plan was a fantastic first step toward defining what they need to do in order to take that next step. The program also helps build a culture of giving and receiving feedback through its prescribed process. We will consider using the Jump Start program in the future for our high-potentials, high performers, and others we value and want to retain." --Terri Trewartha Kinney, M.Ed., Director, Education and Organization Development

== = =

Jump Start Assessments provide you with a snapshot of an employee's strengths and a proactive development plan to determine further coaching requirements, conducted by our certified, seasoned executive coaches. The Jump Start Assessment takes about 90 days and includes:

  • Discovery call
  • Face-to-face session with coach, coachee and manager
  • Stakeholder feedback interviews (up to 7 superiors, peers, direct reports)
  • Self- assessment instrument such as Strengthfinder, Standout Strengthfinder or Emotional Intelligence
  • Summary report
  • Development plan including resources required, suggested timeline and priorities
  • Recommended next steps

Based on client feedback from the Jump Start Assessment private pilot we ran earlier this year, we know this program is a win-win: You demonstrate your organization's commitment to your emerging leaders and retain top talent, and they in turn have a road map to fast track their professional growth and make increasingly significant contributions to your organization quickly.

= = =

Here's what some of the participants said:

"The Jump Start Coaching program is an experience any developing manager should go through." -Senior Manager Coachee

"I wish I had gone through this process earlier in my career!" -Director Coachee

"I was really excited to participate in this program and found it very valuable. The coach kept me on track and always had great input, feedback, and suggestions." -Senior Manager Coachee

"This program provided me with excellent insights. I looked forward to each step of the process. I felt well prepared and was encouraged to try new things." -Director Coachee

"It was helpful to gain insights on how I could better align myself with corporate goals. The suggestions I received were very helpful when I felt stuck." -Director Coachee

"We work in a collaborative environment, so others' impressions matter. It was eye opening to learn how people viewed me. Having a process in place and specific steps to take is just what I  needed." -Director Coachee

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To encourage you to get a jump on your 2017 learning and development goals, we're offering the program for just $6,995 through December 31, 2017.

After that, the very same program will be full-priced at $7,995. For more details on program specifics and to lock in your Jump Start savings, click here to schedule your discovery call with me or feel free to call me (Diane Kubal) at 630-548-4000 X101 or email dk@fulcrumnetwork.com.

Let us help you get a jump start on identifying a unique solution to your 2013 talent development needs. We are really excited about this exceptional offer and working with you!