Quotes from

  • Training, Organizational Development, and Diversity Consultants
  • Presentation Skills Trainer
  • Leadership Coaches

Carol A.

“I am a consultant who prefers to spend time facilitating and working face to face with clients on implementing solutions; marketing my services is not something I enjoy. Fulcrum Network has been a valuable affiliation; I love the idea of a service that can match my capabilities with the client’s needs without me having to make 'cold calls' or spend time developing and implementing a marketing plan. I have worked with Diane for over 10 years; I appreciate all the income I’ve generated because of her ability to accurately assess client needs and generate appropriate partnerships. I like staying focused on what I do best, and Fulcrum allows me to do that--so it’s a Win-Win!"

Nile G.

"I have found working with the Fulcrum Network to be a wonderful experience. Diane and the staff work really hard to make the right client-consultant connection, so every project I have worked on has been terrific. With Fulcrum finding projects and handling the details as my 'agent', I am free to focus on what the client wants me to do: create and deliver effective training programs that help their employees perform better on the job."

Judy F.

"I have worked with Fulcrum Network for many years. Each engagement brokered with the clients has been seamless. As a consultant, I know exactly what the client is expecting before each engagement and consequently have been able to develop and deliver programs that win applause from my clients. Thanks to the great efforts of Diane and her team, many of my engagements have been on-going."

Barbara T.

"I continue to value and profit from my over-decade-long relationship with the Fulcrum Network.  Being a Fulcrum associate enables me to focus on what I love best - providing organizational consulting services to clients - instead of what I do not enjoy - marketing and administrative functions.  Moreover, Fulcrum has provided me access to clients and industries I had not penetrated myself, expanding my network and scope.  I highly recommend becoming a member of the Fulcrum Network."

Shari B.

"I have been working with the wonderful team at Fulcrum Network for roughly 5 years, and I have found everyone there to be professional, courteous, and diligent. They are responsive to consultant needs as well as client needs, and they understand the HR world. Thumbs up to great partners!"