Unshackle Your Corporate Thought Leaders. Please!

Date: November 18th , 2016

Time: 11:30 PM CST - 1:00 PM CST

There isn't a corporation today that doesn't have problems. We're all familiar with increasing pressure, complexity and today's warp speed of change. There are ever-greater challenges to solve at all levels in organizations, and they are keeping many of us up at night.

One solution is to unshackle the unrecognized thought leaders buried within your organization.
In this session, Deborah Huisken will share her experience of working with thought leaders, to help corporations understand and develop an untapped pool of talent they already have, in-house.

  • Define the term
  • Talk about why they are important
  • Discuss how best to use them
  • If you think you might be one yourself, how to own it and advocate for yourself
  • If you manage one, how best to work with them to bring out their abilities
  • What the ROI will be for your organization; and conversely, what your corporation loses when these people walk away.

About Deborah
Deborah Huisken, PCC, helps business people to recognize their thought leaders, innovators, and other Business Artists™, and how best to leverage their differences in the work they do. For more than 16 years she has provided executive coaching and consulting services to successful business leaders, executives, and owners. She has helped solo-preneurs triple their revenue, change markets, and reach profitability; she has helped leaders to take on new challenges; owners to grow existing businesses and create new ones. However, she takes the most pride in the fact that she has helped individuals through career and life changes that have brought them not only more money and more time, but also more self-awareness, more self-expression, and therefore more satisfaction with themselves and their lives. Clients have included executives from over a dozen countries at companies such as American Express, Apple, ASOS, DEC, Facebook, HP, London School of Economics, Pfizer, and the US Federal Government.


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